Discover. Build. Lead for a Change!

At SSIBS, we are passionate about discovering new and diverse opportunities, building something great with a team effort for common impact and lead the International Business School of Amsterdam towards its next big change!

At SSIBS, there is an ambition to deliver a uniting and rewarding experience, rocket fast learning and true career enrichment to the IBS community!

How this is done:

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Welcoming events Workshops Company visits
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Beers for peers!

Job Simulations Event Review
th floor of Amsterdam University of Applied Science's Wibaut building for an evening of interview simulation and networking last Monday, April 18th.
Uprise Startup Festival
SSIBS is proud to co-operate with UPRISE STARTUP FESTIVAL (April 20th & 21st) in inviting all students from the Faculty of Business & Economics to join this event!


Company visits
Company presentations
Recruitment events

Guest lectures
Debate sessions
Case challenges

Welcoming events
Networking events
Sport events
Interest-based activities
International trips